Pre-Sale only for Grandparents

To launch the long-awaited sequel to the bestselling children’s book Gian und Giachen,
we introduce a heart-warming and exclusive pre-sale only for grandparents.
Three weeks before the official sales launch, only grandparents are able to buy the
sought-after children's book and look forward to a guaranteed visit from the little ones.


Hordes of grandparents homed in on the bookshops from the very first day of the pre-sale.
Where they could confirm their grandparent status with family photos, children’s drawings or
even by bringing their grandchild to the bookshop. 



Clio Awards, Bronze (Public Relations/Product Launch)
Epica Awards, Bronze (Promotions & Incentives)
Cannes Lions, Shortlist (Media/Entertainment)
ADC Switzerland, Silver (Promotion)
ADC Switzerland, Shortlist (Direct Marketing)