If Artificial Intelligence could dream

Global launch campaign for the new Audi A5.

Digital Campaign 'Collective Reveal'
On the Audi website we accumulated all the speculations, comments, tweets and articles
that got shared over the digital channels. Every single comment created a particle.
The particles slowly started to form the Audi A5 in the lead up to the car launch. A three dimensional
deep dive mechanism allowed the users to explore the comment behind each particle.
Digital billboards live streamed the A5 slowly getting formed.


Online Teaser Film
Leading up to the 'end of secrecy' we released a teaser throughout the digital and social channels
sparking curiosity and driving traffic to the Audi website.

Showroom Installation
An interactive light installation made out of 3600 LEDs representing an artificial intelligence
having its very first thoughts and dreams about the Audi A5.

using allyou.net