M-Budget Helpers

To promote M-Budget – the low price product range of Switzerland’s largest retailer –
during the festival season, we created the 'M-Budget Helpers'. A campaign that turns festival visitors
into living products, which offer unexpected services for very little money.

In order to recruit young people who are short of cash we released films making the following offer:
Become a 'M-Budget Helper' and go to the music festivals not only for free, even better make money with it.

The target group competed to become the target group: from over 5000 candidates,
350 were chosen and became the „M-Budget Helpers“. Over 180'000 festival visitors were reached.



Goldbach Cross Media Award, Gold (Campaign)
ADC Switzerland, Silver (Directmarketing & Promotion)
ADC Switzerland, Bronze (Integrated Campaign)
ADC Switzerland, Bronze (Creative Media)

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