To advertise the digital issue of the Neuer Zürcher Zeitung, we modified the iconic wooden newspaper
holders. So they were able to stream and display breaking news in real time. Our digital newspaper holders
surprised the target audience with news that were more up to date than the printed newspaper.


One Show, Bronze Pencil (Interactive)
D&AD, Wooden Pencil (Digital Design)
ADC Europe, Silver (Interactive)
ADC Europe, Nomination (Promotion)
ADC Switzerland, Silver (Creative Media)
ADC Switzerland, Silver (Directmarketing & Promotion)
ADC Switzerland, Shortlist (Digital)
Eurobest, Shortlist (Interactive)
Best of Swiss Web, Master Nomination (Interactive)
Best of Swiss Web, Gold (Online Innovation)
ADC Germany, Shortlist (Media)
ADC Germany, Shortlist (Newspaper Digital)

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